Memories to Last a Lifetime!

I am Derrick Qualls, a freelance photographer and member of the Professional Photographers of America (PPA), currently residing in Clinton, Mississippi, USA. I was an avid shutterbug in high school, and learned to develop and print black-and-white images in college. In 1990, I started working as a photographer's assistant, where I started learning about the business of studio photography.


My images have appeared in newspapers and corporate advertisements in the Central Mississippi area, and my enlargements have been displayed as cherished artwork in households around the country. I have had the privilege of being an official photographer at weddings and special events at Thalia Mara Hall, Old Capitol Inn, Fairview Inn, Mynelle Gardens, Hilton-Jackson; at public and private ceremonies and parties at Ole Miss (Oxford, MS), Belhaven University, Jackson State University, Millsaps and several other regional community colleges; and at historic mansions and indoor/outdoor venues across the Southeastern USA.


If you need a professional photographer with the experience and discretion to work with you and VIP guests to produce beautiful photographic artwork, and not just make "snapshots", then please contact me for details!


Technical Note: What camera do you use? Over the years, I have owned and created images with medium format (120mm) camera systems, Minolta and Yashica/Contax 35mm systems, the classic Polaroid SX-70, as well as "full-frame" and "crop-sensor" digital camera equipment. My current battle axes include Sony digital full frame equipment, Mamiya medium format system, and any cellphone within arm's reach. Have you ever asked a painter what brand of brush she or he prefers?